Sporting Clays

Sporting Clay shooters enjoy varied and challenging layouts; our shooting grounds are a course builders dream.

Together with a valuable compliment of hand operated machines are radio controlled, automatic sporting ball traps providing an almost limitless variation of shooting stands, (you’ll need a good cartridge budget to exhaust our course!)

We take great pride in our shooting grounds, they are coveted and cared for, there’s hardly a spent cartridge case to be seen. And there’s more than the shooting, the grounds look out over breath-taking scenery; virtually the whole of the Snowdon range grace our horizon.

Relax in the shoot room and ponder your score; enjoy a slice of homemade cake together with a glass of Shooters Port whilst we clean your guns.

To shoot our Sporting Course you must,

  • Provide your own gun
  • Wear hearing and head protection, (this can be supplied at extra cost)
  • Use Shooting School cartridges, supplied by us
  • Observe time duration limits

For regular guns; this is a guided course with Sporting Clays geared to your classification or skill

Minimum group is four persons

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