Simulated Game

Clay Targets thrown at random over waiting guns in line are a great way to “keep your eye in” but, Realistic Simulation is the key; amongst fantastic topography and landscape, we have perfected a Simulated Game package without comparison.

“Grouse” hurtle toward four “butts” in sequences, launched from 14 traps; approaching from over your horizon, our targets truly climb, dive, weave and swerve, at up to 60 miles an hour, “Partridges” burst over the hedgerows, “Pheasants” from 40 to 140 feet high will test you, no matter how seasoned a shot you may think you are!

There is so much more…

“The Duck Flush”  “The Woodcock Drive”  “Decoyed Woodpigeon” and to cap it all, for the rough shooter, a “Walk Up” covering virtually the whole of our sixty acres of shooting grounds.

This Shooting School is a premier establishment – in short, there are precious few that can offer this quality of presentation against such stunning countryside. No such day would be complete without the opportunity to relax and enjoy food in a convivial atmosphere; the Shoot Room provides the ideal ambience.

Shoot Programme: For syndicates of a minimum of six guns; shooting 100, 200 or 300 “birds”.

Breakfast is served in the Shoot Room; draw for pegs and choose shooting partners. The morning comprises of four drives with breaks for coffee and drinks between. Lunch is served in The Shoot Room and the afternoon follows with three drives. Finally, it’s back for Sloe Gin, tea and cake.

Every “drive” presents a varied and realistic flush of “birds” and your “bag” can range from 100 to 300, and by this we mean shots per person. If you prefer, you can shoot The Half Day – 100 to 200 “birds”.

We will tailor a package to suit your syndicate.

Client Quotes…

“Realistic stuff” “Proper sport”

“A fantastic day out, keeping your eye in”

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