Simulated Game

“Realistic stuff. proper sport”

“A fantastic day out, keeping your eye in”


There’s a profusion of Simulated Game providers. However, many have become nought but, “close season clay bashing venues” where guns are stood, virtually in each-others pocket; shooting across the line appears to be the norm, smashing the neighbours clay in front. Now, I don’t want to sound a party-pooper but, can this be good practice?

If you want to shoot Realistic Simulations, then book your day with me. I say, “Realistic Simulations” because that is exactly what they are. Thrilling drives that challenge, providing every angle, speed and distance… in short, you’ll have fun combined with proper practice to boot!

Your day starts, continuing tradition, with breakfast in our shoot-room; a chance to gather with fellow guns, share memories of seasons past and draw pegs in anticipation of Realistic Simulations to come…

  • Driven Partridge
  • Driven Grouse (from proper butts)
  • Decoyed Woodpigeon (from a sitting position in a “hide”)
  • High Pheasant

Simulated Game

For 6 to 12 guns

Full Day, £295 per person; including 200 cartridges, 5/6 drives

Breakfast, Field Breaks, Drinks and a Sumptuous Lunch, and a Welcoming Tea at close of play

Parties of between 6 and 12 please… even numbers if possible

To book a day of Realistic Simulations, call Bob Valentine on 07970014743


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