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Clay pigeon shooting has become a very popular sport and your enjoyment is guaranteed when you shoot here; you will be hard pressed to find a more beautiful or varied landscape to shoot over than this.

We cater for all levels of ability.

Have a Go

Come along for half an hour and sample the exhilaration of breaking a clay with a shotgun.


Have the benefit of correct equipment, professional coaching and easy targets.

Caddied Rounds

Shoot all day and never exhaust the possibilities.

Game Shooters

Shoot the most realistic of simulations and in a familiar environment.

Lady Shooters

Organise your own special days, with specialized coaching and catering.

Young Shots

Always recognised, properly taught, and in a safe, fun and informative way.

Special Events are a big feature, we will ensure a great day out for all your guests.


“Nobody does it better”… our corporate clients are often heard to say!

Private Shoots

Our shooting grounds are available for your exclusive use.

Staff Reward

When you want to thank your staff in return for hard work and dedication.

Stag & Hen Parties

Celebrate what remain of your single hours with us.

Our Instructors and staff hold their position because they are achievers. They maintain the highest possible standards of presentation, good manners, communication, client care, teaching skills and coaching ability. They are deft, and swift at recognising requirements and will adjust their approach to match.

How much does it cost?

“Have a Go”

£40 per person

Minimum number 2 persons


A Full Shooting Lesson for the Beginner

 Individual £100

Group £85 per person
(2 persons plus, constitutes a group)


Coaching the Experienced Clay / Live Quarry Shot

Individual £85 per hour

Group £65 per person, (minimum 2 hours)

Cartridges and Clay Targets extra… please enquire


Gun Fitting

 £85 per hour

Cartridges and Clay Targets extra… please enquire


Simulated Game… Half or Full Day

These shoots are tailored to your requirements… please enquire.


Sporting Clays Practice

Caddied Rounds

50 Clays, £35

100 Clays, £50

Cartridges in 12 or 20 bore £8.50p per 25

Prior booking required… time limits apply



Corporate… Private Shoots… Stag & Hen… Staff Reward

From £85 per person


Pre-Season Sharpeners

Grouse… Partridge… Pheasant

Individual or syndicate…please enquire

When is the next Open Shoot?

Side by Side Day 2019

Side by Side Day 2019

Wednesday July 10th, 2019

A fun clay day for users, (and those who fancy their chances!) with the Side by Side.
No Over & Unders Allowed!

Simulated Game Days

Simulated Game Days

Driven Grouse . Driven Partridge . Decoyed Woodpigeon . Duck Flight
Driven Pheasants from our fantastic, “towers”.

No Plastic!

No Plastic!

Hurrah! At last some shooting folk are waking up to the horrors of Plastic.

How It All Began

How It All Began

Throughout the late 1800’s shooting live pigeons, released from boxes or, “traps” was an extremely popular sport amongst shooting folk. The use of the live bird for a target was, however, looked upon by many as a barbarous act and was soon outlawed. For a while the...

The Browning B25

The Browning B25

Almost ninety years ago, John Moses Browning perfected his B25 action. Built in Belgium, the famous gun-making house of Fabrique Nationale were chosen to produce this shotgun, hand built and engraved; they still do to this day and pretty much to Browning’s original...

Buying a better gun

Buying a better gun

Often I am asked, “Why should I spend on an expensive gun when modern production models do the same job?” Indeed, I am one who strongly advocates that “provided the gun fits and the user has mastered a polished preparation and gun mounting routine, the value of the...

By Appointment Only 09:30 to 17:00
Closed on Sunday


Telephone  01758 740810

Bob Valentine Shooting School
North Wales UK LL53 7PG

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