Newsletter… February 2015

Well, another season has reached its end and I hope you have enjoyed your days out. The expectation surrounding a prospective day in the field is difficult to describe but personally, knowing I am setting off to meet and spend a day with very close friends, all of whom are, “singing off the same hymn sheet” is the motivator.

The shoots our syndicate visited have provided us with wonderful days and we thank them all.

For the months ahead, magazines depicting country life will be bursting with recent experiences and no doubt, advice on how to deal with every aspect of how to shoot better. For the most part, I for one find such articles very interesting reading.

If you have a theory, come and share it with us! It could be you were a star performer and wish to demonstrate how consistency never left your side, or perhaps you “followed the birds around” and when you did have a chance ????

Clay targets may not be quite the same, however don’t be left out, come and join the ever swelling ranks of shooting folk who have realised that guns locked in the dark during the summer will, come next season, get their revenge!

So, throughout the closed season treat your shotgun with the reverence you have showered upon it lately; cuddle it, caress it, clean, oil and polish it, admire and brag about it, most of all USE IT… you might find it enjoys the spring and summer days as much as you do and performs all the better for the exposure!

Keep your eye on our Events page; we look forward to sharing your company very soon!


You might have noticed that I have made a few changes to this website? Twelve months ago we brought “things” more up to date, creating a tablet and mobile friendly site. I have hundreds of images on file, photographic reminders of stunning landscapes in all weathers and “shooting folk” enjoying them-selves here. Browse through the latest pages and allow time for the images to change and you might find a photograph of you! I do hope you don’t mind me exercising my, “intellectual property right!” (email us if you wish to be deleted!)

Service, repairs and alterations…

If you can bear to be parted, just for a little while, now is the best time to lavish some loving care and get your gun serviced. A straightforward “strip, inspection and clean” is usually all that is needed. However any discoveries regarding worn or broken parts, adjustments to trigger pulls, ejector mechanisms, firing pins, top lever or mainsprings… (the list is endless)… are best found at THIS time of the year. Neither my gunsmith nor I would want a repeat of last year’s rush, it is very stressful for all concerned.

£77 is all it costs for a basic service; this includes a full inspection, report of anything “untoward”… (work will never be carried out without prior consultation), where no part replacement is necessary, your gun will be returned to you, (the action will have been cleaned thoroughly, lightly oiled)… ready to start clay bashing!

Gun Sales…

Buying a gun is akin to crossing a minefield and emerging intact! We have always specialised in “to order and to fit”. What does this mean? Put simply, you want a gun (?) well, you will have a budget, (your business to decide that)… you tell me and I will find you a gun to suit, ensure the “fit” is correct and teach you to connect*

*Our offer of a free lesson with every gun purchased means you depart sound in the knowledge you have value for money and, provided you continue to work in harmony, you and your new purchase will have a great time together!

Boxall & Edmiston


Shooting on the 31st January in the Vale of Clwyd, I was delighted to discover that I was sharing the company of two clients. Both are proud owners of new over and under guns built by the Shrewsbury firm of Boxall & Edmiston. I provided the fitting for both and was relieved to hear how much they were enjoying their shooting, enjoying much success!

The B & E really is a lovely gun. The firm is going from strength to strength and in spite of increasing orders is managing to meet exacting delivery schedules. I have introduced another client recently, he placed an order which was exciting enough but then demanded he took delivery in time for Partridge 2015! Were it not for state of the art machinery combined with honed traditional skills this would not be possible.

I make regular visits to the factory, if you would like to accompany me, please make an enquiry. Peter Boxall would be delighted to give any prospective client time and discuss his gun-making expertise. There are guns at various stages of build and you can see how your bespoke gun would evolve.

© Bob Valentine

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