Young Shot

Many young people display a keen interest in guns. However, when one considers the problems surrounding misuse, it becomes understandable why some parents’ desire only to discourage this interest. We understand this too, but channel our every effort toward a proper introduction and thorough education.

It usually follows that parents with a rooted sporting interest will be eager to introduce their next generation to shooting. Traditionally the route for their offspring to achieve a safe mastery of the sport, to learn quarry identification and field etiquette, is via the shooting school.

We train young people for competition Clay Target shooting. The goal being to produce well-ordered, competent shots, young people who are able to represent the sport at its highest level.

  • We strongly support our shooting organisations and the education of young people in shooting.
  • For boys and girls, usually from age ten years old and under sixteen years, a young shots lesson is safe, fun and informative.
  • Our, “no compromise” approach to introduction, safety and coaching ensures comfort, success and an appreciation of the responsibility held by the participant.
  • Parents or guardians are asked to remain present throughout.

Young Shooters (under 18yrs)

Individual, £50 per hour.

Group, £40 per person, 5 persons per Instructor. Up to three hours.

Plus Clay Targets and Shotgun Cartridges, which will be charged, “as used”, and at prevailing rates.

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