Lady Shot

For the lady beginner, lighter, smaller bore guns combined with low noise, low recoil cartridges, guarantee a safe and comfortable introduction to shooting.

If you are a first time shot, browse through our Beginners page for a detailed explanation. Experienced lady shots are very welcome to come along to our Open Shoots.

Our grounds are designed for Sporting Clays and Simulated Game. So ladies, why not organise your very own day out and come and shoot with us?

Specialist gun-fitting and coaching is key; whether preparing for the season or simply trying to improve your clay scores, we have the facilities combined with years of, “in field” experience to get you “shooting straight”.


Shooting Lessons for Ladies

Adult... Individual, £85 per hour

Adult… Group, £65 per person, (max. 5 persons per Instructor, max. three hours)

Young Shooter (under 18yrs)
Individual £50 per hour     Group £40 per person

Plus Clay Targets and Shotgun Cartridges, which will be charged, “as used”, and at prevailing rates

Telephone 0797 0014 743 and ask for Bob Valentine

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Open Shoots

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