Game Shot

Safety, Gun-Fit, Style, Timing… combine with a sound technique and knowledge of the behaviour of quarry; these are the very foundations common to every great game shot.

“Straight Shooting” does not happen by chance; good shots, born shots, all have become polished and seasoned through the stint of practice and more practice.

A shooting ground, properly designed and equipped, is the place to come to. Preparation and gun mounting can be practised until carried out by the sub-conscious mind, whilst your concentration remains upon the behaviour and intention of your selected shot.

We have Grouse Butts, Partridge and Pheasant Drives, a Duck Flight and a Pigeon Hide; even a “Walk Up” – simulations that replicate everything from the “bread and butter shot” to the highest and longest you would ever reach for.

  • Individual or Syndicate
  • Unlimited Shooting
  • Simulated Drives
  • Coaching and Correction

Keep your eye in.

“An hour or two spent here and all will become clear, we’ll put the seat back in your pants, you’ll place that shot just where it counts; and, as for those still struggling through, well, they’ll glance across at you, it will appear you’re hardly trying, you’ve regained that art, of shooting flying!”

©Bob Valentine

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