For some people the thought of firing a gun is so daunting they would never embark on trying. Well-meaning friends who have tried and usually in the wrong set of circumstances will talk you out of having a go. Let me re-assure those who may carry pre-conceived ideas, take instruction at a professional shooting school and you will become one of millions who have sampled the exhilaration… no bruised shoulder… no bruised cheek!

All beginners need time for nerves to calm, so, your introduction is explanatory and unhurried; thoroughly prepared and full of confidence you can step out for your first shooting experience.

Come along on your own or in a group, there will only ever be 5 persons per instructor, this low, client: instructor ratio, ensures everyone receives sufficient attention.

Individual lessons allow for a full hour of instruction; group sessions last for two and a half hours. You will be safe, you will shoot in comfort and we guarantee you’ll succeed.

Below I have listed the orderly approach that you should find in operation at any professional shooting ground. This allows any beginner, nervous or bold to learn in a logical and structured manner…

  • Introduction to Shooting
  • Adopt a Safe Attitude
  • Gun Fitting
  • Style
  • Safety in the Field
  • Safe Loading Routine
  • Gun Mounting
  • Shooting Techniques
  • Shotgun Designs
  • Ballistics… Simply Explained

“A raw novice to start… a confident improver at the finish!”


Shooting Lessons for Beginners.

Adult... Individual, £85 per hour

Adult… Group, £65 per person, (max. 5 persons per Instructor, max. three hours)

Young Shooter (under 18yrs)
Individual £50 per hour     Group £40 per person

Plus Clay Targets and Shotgun Cartridges, which will be charged, “as used”, and at prevailing rates

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