Service, Repairs & Alterations

Gun smiths can become “snown under” with work and usually immediately prior to the new season.

Do the sensible thing and bring your gun in for overhaul, well in time!

At the very least, the action should be treated to a, “strip and clean”. The stock and fore end assessed for damage and re-tightening. Barrels for proof and any damage suffered during the season, re-blacking if necessary.

To ensure adequate insurance cover, valuation of sporting goods is important, in the event of loss, damage or theft, sufficient monies would need to be realized.

Following careful appraisal we provide written valuations for insurance, or estimates for repair.

Our long experience qualifies us to carry out the straightforward procedure of, “strip and clean” and we complete this service with an inspection of the overall condition of your gun and will advise whether it is safe and fit for purpose.

For work requirements beyond our scope, we appoint the services of our long established and time served gun-smiths.

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