Gun Fitting

“What’s hit is history, what’s missed, is mystery”
Thos. Hood 1799

“Gunfitting” is the craft of shaping the gun stock to suit the physique and style of the user. Age, gender, body shape and size govern the weight of the gun and the finished measurements. Dexterity and eye dominance matter too! Every new or previously used gun supplied by the shooting school comes, “fitted” and usually, at no extra cost to the client; the worst advertisement for a shooting school would be to supply a gun to a client which, despite their skill, does not shoot straight!

Similarly, how can, “a would be” shooter be confident with a purchase, without having first shot the gun? It is a fact also, that many established shots suffer inconsistency, often due to poor gun fit.

Come to the shooting school and have your gun assessed for fit. Following any necessary alterations, you will witness the difference for yourself! Moreover, you can purchase your gun from the shooting school, we have a vested interest in ensuring you, “shoot straight!”

“Take the mystery out of missing!”


Gun Fitting

 £85 per hour

Plus Clay Targets and Shotgun Cartridges, which will be charged, “as used”, and at prevailing rates

“Good Morning Bob,

Upon receiving my stock back from you I spent yesterday at our local clay ground and I wish to offer you my thanks for the service I had and my huge appreciation for the coaching and advice.

I have spent so much money over the years on shooting kit, clays, cartridges and lessons, but having my fitting session with you and the consequent stock alterations has been the best investment I’ve made to my shooting, I should have done it years ago.

My scores have improved on my first outing, my gun mounts perfectly and I’m on target immediately, there’s not a lot more to be said. I’ll continue to practise the learning’s from my session with you and keep you posted on my progress, if any of your customers have any doubts about the benefits of “gun fitting” please feel free to show them this message.

Thank you, Mitch”

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