The Browning B25

The Browning B25

Almost ninety years ago, John Moses Browning perfected his B25 action. Built in Belgium, the famous gun-making house of Fabrique Nationale were chosen to produce this shotgun, hand built and engraved; they still do to this day and pretty much to Browning’s original specifications.

For more than twenty years I have concentrated upon sourcing and selling these J M Browning “B25’s” and in particular, the model known as Lightweight Game or “LWG”.

Featuring 27 ½” barrels, these desirable over and under game guns are available in many “grades”; (“grade” describes engraving detail, combined with the quality of walnut used in the stocking and fore-end production.) Indeed, for those discerning shots seeking to shoot an over and under with the balance and handling characteristics of an English side-by-side; look no further than a Browning LWG.

The stock is void of a “pistol grip”; the “straight hand” is similar to that found upon a best side by side with “Roach Belly” to produce aesthetic appeal.

Barrels feature a tapered rib and are choked quarter and three-quarter. This configuration throws formidable patterns, maintaining dense pellet counts which, in turn, ensure efficient striking energy resulting in impressively clean kills.

A handmade gun sits in the hands and is so finely balanced, (and to use the much used phrase), really does feel, “an extension of the arms”; fitted properly, it really does point where you look.

Prices start at circa £12,000 and reach over £60,000 for a best engraved and side-plated model. Bespoke requests involve a trip to FN gun-makers in Liege; clients can discuss preferences and enjoy the attention which comes with a truly bespoke order.

Currently I have in stock four, pre-used guns, they are priced between £4,000 and £6,000. You are very welcome to make an appointment to view and if one should appeal, to try it out on my shooting grounds; I assure you the most professional and thorough advice.

Perhaps 2014 is a good year for (B25) investment?

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