Ladies in the Line


Friday 15th September 2017

Once again Ali Valentine is delighted to be hosting her shooting day, just for ladies.

“Ladies in the Line” has become well recognised as an event geared to encourage first time lady shots into the sport. It accommodates experienced shots too, and as such, has grown into an annual get together which is popular and fun!

Make a note of the date and contact Ali directly on 07971332539 or email for further information and to reserve your entry.

Ali Valentine presents the 2017, ‘Ladies in the Line’ Friday 15th September (in loving memory of Alison Watkins Davies who did so much to introduce ladies to shooting).

Register now as individuals to join in this exclusive shooting day for ladies at Bob Valentine Shooting School – Sponsored by Conwy Land Rover and Eley Hawk

Places are limited to 30 ladies, so, early registration is advised.

This special day is geared to accommodate both experienced and those totally new to clay pigeon shooting.

Experienced shots can get stuck into a 70 bird competition with a 100 bird flush finish, whilst the novices can benefit from top class coaching, shooting easy targets with soft recoiling cartridges and using a gun that fits!

Shoot Programme:

9am – Arrival. The day will commence with coffee, bacon rolls.

9.30 am – Introductions & Safety Briefing.

10 am prompt – Shooting commences, for the experienced 70 sporting birds; for the novice/beginner, one to one coaching with our seasoned instructors (squads of 4).

12 noon – Break for drinks and canapes. 1 pm – Shooting re-commences.

2 pm – ‘Pheasant’ flush competition (Exp. guns in teams of 4 persons, shooting 100 targets). ‘Duck’ flush competition (Beginners teams of 2 persons, shooting 25 targets).

3 pm – Drinks reception, lunch (provided by nearby restaurant ‘Tremfan Hall’) and prize giving.


We have some fantastic prizes with the winning top lady gun taking home a weekend driving experience of the NEW and outstanding VELAR RANGE ROVER and the winning top new- comer to the sport taking home a weekend driving experience of a RANGE ROVER EVOQUE kindly donated by Conwy Land Rover, (who will be with us on site, driving you around during the course of the day!) Other prizes are also available.

How to Enter

To reserve your place please register your interest with Ali Valentine. Mobile 07971 332539. Email We will ask you for payment of £180 in full, upfront which you can process via bank transfer, telephone or cheque.

What does the Entry Fee of £180 Include…?

Absolutely everything! We would like to make it clear that entry fees include all clays, food / drinks, gun hire, ear protection, caps and ALL CARTRIDGES in 12 and 20 bore.

(If you are a licence holder and have your own Gun please feel free to bring it! Over- night, secure storage for those staying over in the area is available).

What Do I Wear?

It can sometimes feel a little daunting trying a new sport.

Wellingtons are by no means compulsory to all country sports (unless we have some serious rain)! A comfy pair of flat shoes/boots will suffice. As for clothing, steer away from bulky scarves as you won’t manage to ‘cheek’ your gun, likewise try not to wear super fitted shirts as you won’t be able to ‘shrug’ when bringing the gun up and your shirt will feel tight around your shoulder blades. Finally, try to bring a gilet of sorts where possible and preferably one without studs and breast-pockets. Just a few suggestions! Any other queries or concerns, just ask!

Ali Valentine, The Shoot Room will be open on the day should any of our gorgeous products catch your eye…

Where Can I Stay? Should you like to make a weekend stay of your trip over to beautiful North Wales there are plenty of places we can recommend. Contact Ali for ideas 07971 332539. GAME Ladies in the Line Coming soon… game shooting days in the field arranged for our,

“GAME Ladies in the Line”

Further information to follow.

Download an Application Form

Click here to download the 2017 Ladies Day application form

Newsletter… February 2015

Well, another season has reached its end and I hope you have enjoyed your days out. The expectation surrounding a prospective day in the field is difficult to describe but personally, knowing I am setting off to meet and spend a day with very close friends, all of whom are, “singing off the same hymn sheet” is the motivator.

The shoots our syndicate visited have provided us with wonderful days and we thank them all.

For the months ahead, magazines depicting country life will be bursting with recent experiences and no doubt, advice on how to deal with every aspect of how to shoot better. For the most part, I for one find such articles very interesting reading. (more…)

The 2014… Grouse Challenge

Open for entries

grouse_challengeEven if you haven’t planned a trip to the moors, you’ll enjoy this clay shooting challenge. On the other hand if you have a date secured you’d be foolhardy not to get some practice in first.

From April right up to the start of August we are offering you the chance to get sharp in readiness for the King of game-birds. Our Grouse butts, four of them in line, are designed to provide the most realistic of simulations. (We know that there are lots of shooting grounds offering the same, but we are up there with the best and we have some pretty seasoned clients who agree with us.) (more…)

A “Best” British Game Gun for the 21st Century

The beautiful over & under twenty bore, from Boxall & Edmiston

The beautiful over & under twenty bore, from Boxall & Edmiston

Gun-making was once the stronghold of the French but, during the 19th century “best” guns, produced by famous London makers surfaced; markedly superior in terms of build quality, looks and handling. The British trade however remained somewhat complacent (cue, a well-known British four wheel drive?) entrenched in building guns the traditional way and eventually only the best of the best were to survive. Dozens of provincial makers went out of business and the only entirely British made “best guns” appeared from London, Birmingham and Edinburgh houses and sadly, priced beyond the reach of the ordinary shooting man and woman.


Clay Pigeon Shooting


How It All Began.

Throughout the late 1800’s shooting live pigeons, released from boxes or, “traps” was an extremely popular sport amongst shooting folk. The use of the live bird for a target was, however, looked upon by many as a barbarous act and was soon outlawed.

For a while the closest thing which matched the live bird was a glass ball filled with feathers. The “trap” was re-designed to throw the glass ball, the shooter taking up his position safely behind the contraption. A man or youth was employed to sit some distance behind the shooter and was responsible for the releasing of the target upon demand; pulling a long piece of rope attached to the traps’ release mechanism, catapulted the ball forward out of the trap. The youth was called a, “puller” and the command used by the shooter to call for his target, “PULL”!


Newsletter February 2014

WEB re-design

We are delighted to launch our new website and sincerely hope you find it interesting and user friendly. You can always let us know your thoughts and comment just go to Contacts > Make an Enquiry and “fire away”.

OPEN SHOOT DATES… are easy to find (bottom right of the page), held monthly, remember there is no need for prior appointment to be made, just arrive, catch up with friends over a coffee and shoot a round of fifty… Steve will ensure a varied course just to keep you on your toes!

Cost, £45 including cartridges, clays, coffee and cake!


The Browning B25

The Browning B25

Almost ninety years ago, John Moses Browning perfected his B25 action. Built in Belgium, the famous gun-making house of Fabrique Nationale were chosen to produce this shotgun, hand built and engraved; they still do to this day and pretty much to Browning’s original specifications.

For more than twenty years I have concentrated upon sourcing and selling these J M Browning “B25’s” and in particular, the model known as Lightweight Game or “LWG”.

Featuring 27 ½” barrels, these desirable over and under game guns are available in many “grades”; (“grade” describes engraving detail, combined with the quality of walnut used in the stocking and fore-end production.) Indeed, for those discerning shots seeking to shoot an over and under with the balance and handling characteristics of an English side-by-side; look no further than a Browning LWG.


Buying a better gun

Buying a better gun.

Often I am asked, “Why should I spend on an expensive gun when modern production models do the same job?” Indeed, I am one who strongly advocates that “provided the gun fits and the user has mastered a polished preparation and gun mounting routine, the value of the gun is of little importance, provided it “shoots straight”.

However, let’s get back to the business of possibly becoming the owner of something “more expensive”.

Currently we are experiencing stiff financial times and for those in the position, it is not easy deciding where to invest monies. Returns from certain investments are poor and we have to be patient and wait for the “long term”. On the other hand, wisely selected, “best guns” have always proven to be money well spent; coming under the umbrella of a “wasting asset”, buying guns is sound practice, as their value is not taken into account for IHT purposes!


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