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Browsing through an antique shop in the City of Bath, I came across a galvanised bucket of junk. Attracted by the contents I paused and started to rummage. Placed, close to the top, I found two pictures; drawings, pen and ink silhouettes of shooting scenes; measuring four and a half inches square and sandwiched between two pieces of glass, secured with sellotape!

One dated 1839, the other 1939, they tell the story of the “Golden Age” a century of shooting progress. I purchased both.

What particularly caught my eye was the content of the 1939 picture. There, behind the gentleman, (dressed in shooting suit; cap and plus fours) sits a lady on her shooting stick. Whilst her man draws a bead toward an oncoming Pheasant, she is using a compact mirror and applying her lipstick!

With no signature or copyright, I decided to use 1939 as my logo.

Today, more ladies than ever before are seen out in the shooting field and how they “shoot straight”… but they still take time out- to apply their lipstick! When you come to my shoot room, I’ll show you the originals.

©Bob Valentine

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