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Side by Side Day

Wednesday July 10th, 2019


A fun clay day for users, (and those who fancy their chances!) with the Side by Side
No Over & Unders Allowed!

Here’s your chance to show off your skills in traditional style.
There are prizes for the Best Dressed too… so, root out your shooting suit, dress up
and do justice to the countryside and to our Realistic Simulations.


10am Arrive at The Shoot Room for Tea/Coffee and Pastries, Introductions and Briefings

2-gun Team, Grouse Flush
(from our fantastic Grouse Butts)
With a, “Field Break” for Hot Sausages and, “Damshames”
The Pigeon Decoy for 2 guns.

1pm Drinks and a light lunch

4-gun team, High Pheasant Flush

• For the morning shoot, teams of 2 (two) will be drawn at coffee / briefing-time.
• For the afternoon shoot, teams of 4 (four) will be drawn at lunchtime.


Grouse, Pigeon Decoy and High Pheasant

ALSO… Prizes will be awarded to
The Best Dressed Lady
The Best Dressed Gentleman


  • Shooting School Cartridges only to be used; these will be supplied in 12, 20 or 28 bore, on the day.
  • Headwear and Hearing protection is compulsory throughout. Protective eyewear MUST be worn when shooting or observing The Grouse Butt sequence.
  • Places are limited to 24 guns so, if you would like to give your side by side an airing, call us now to secure your place. If you do not own a side by side but would still like to shoot, there will be suitable guns available at no extra charge.
  • The event provides for 75 cartridges per person shooting three flushes simulating Grouse, Decoyed Woodpigeon and Pheasant.
  • Cost of entry to this event is £150 per gun. Entries please by telephone, text or email.
  • The cost of your cartridges is INCLUDED in the entry fee.

When is the next Open Shoot?

Simulated Game Days

Simulated Game Days

Driven Grouse . Driven Partridge . Decoyed Woodpigeon . Duck Flight
Driven Pheasants from our fantastic, “towers”.

No Plastic!

No Plastic!

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How It All Began

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By Appointment Only 09:30 to 17:00
Closed on Sunday


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