The Browning B25

The Browning B25

Almost ninety years ago, John Moses Browning perfected his B25 action. Built in Belgium, the famous gun-making house of Fabrique Nationale were chosen to produce this shotgun, hand built and engraved; they still do to this day and pretty much to Browning’s original specifications.

For more than twenty years I have concentrated upon sourcing and selling these J M Browning “B25’s” and in particular, the model known as Lightweight Game or “LWG”.

Featuring 27 ½” barrels, these desirable over and under game guns are available in many “grades”; (“grade” describes engraving detail, combined with the quality of walnut used in the stocking and fore-end production.) Indeed, for those discerning shots seeking to shoot an over and under with the balance and handling characteristics of an English side-by-side; look no further than a Browning LWG.


Buying a better gun

Buying a better gun.

Often I am asked, “Why should I spend on an expensive gun when modern production models do the same job?” Indeed, I am one who strongly advocates that “provided the gun fits and the user has mastered a polished preparation and gun mounting routine, the value of the gun is of little importance, provided it “shoots straight”.

However, let’s get back to the business of possibly becoming the owner of something “more expensive”.

Currently we are experiencing stiff financial times and for those in the position, it is not easy deciding where to invest monies. Returns from certain investments are poor and we have to be patient and wait for the “long term”. On the other hand, wisely selected, “best guns” have always proven to be money well spent; coming under the umbrella of a “wasting asset”, buying guns is sound practice, as their value is not taken into account for IHT purposes!


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