Newsletter February 2014

WEB re-design

We are delighted to launch our new website and sincerely hope you find it interesting and user friendly. You can always let us know your thoughts and comment just go to Contacts > Make an Enquiry and “fire away”.

OPEN SHOOT DATES… are easy to find (bottom right of the page), held monthly, remember there is no need for prior appointment to be made, just arrive, catch up with friends over a coffee and shoot a round of fifty… Steve will ensure a varied course just to keep you on your toes!

Cost, £45 including cartridges, clays, coffee and cake!


Almost thirty years ago I had the idea and conviction to establish my shooting school. But I have resisted over development and for clay target shooting have managed our grounds to maintain their natural appeal. This has proven a wise decision; there are few grounds which can show such variety of Sporting and FITASC targets amongst varied terrain and stunning scenery.

But it is for the Game Shot and Live Quarry shooter in general where my grounds really score… Regular practice, shooting targets which properly replicate the real thing pays dividends by the time the season comes around and it is time to get out amongst them. It is so cost effective too. Why waste big money struggling to get your eye in on your first real day when you could have honed your ability and built your confidence beforehand?

We properly simulate… “Driven Partridges”, “Driven Grouse” and” Driven Pheasant” (and from as high as 60 yards!)
There’s no standing in cages and shouting, “pull”! No- instead, guns take a peg and shoot as many cartridges as they wish per “drive”. Format for Simulated Game Days follows that similar to a proper day in the field, i.e. draw for pegs, stop for field break, lunch, more drives and finally tea. The cost is tailored to your budget; why not GET THE TEAM TOGETHER and give it a go? You won’t be disappointed. Click here for more

GAME SHOOTING SEASON… It’s over for this year.

I hope you have enjoyed some memorable moments when you could have given Simon Ward a run for his money! But in common with all shooting mortals I bet there will have been times when you’ve, “questioned the cartridges” Well, help is at hand, individual and group coaching sessions are available all year round with our Simulated Grouse, Partridge and Pheasant…

“Come and find out where you think you went wrong”… KEEP your eye in!


We don’t carry a huge stock because experience has taught us that you the customer will have budgets to stick to and preferences to match. So, in common with most professional shooting schools, we supply to fit the most important criterion… your budget, the purpose, and the gun must FIT YOU TOO. When you buy your gun from us you get a free lesson, 25 targets and cartridges together with gun fitting* Click here to view Guns for Sale.

*The cost of any alterations is not included in this offer.

and finally, CATERING… Has Bob Valentine’s “Beef in Beer” exhausted its reign?

C’mon, I’m not throwing the tea towel in just yet! But I can say, just how absolutely delighted we are with the “Team from Tremfan”. With such a great reputation for delicious food served at their Llanbedrog Restaurant, I was delighted when Ali broke the news that, “Tremfan Hall” was willing to take over the catering for events at the shooting school. What we have savoured so far has really hit the spot. Ali’s “Ladies in the Line” day was a spectacular success and the food must have been better than the shooting judging by the struggle we had to prise the girls away from the dining table for the afternoon flush!

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